woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Where thoughts dwell

Where thoughts dwell
At the doorstep of my mind
Thoughts come marching in
Shifted by my beliefs, 
so tired of wandering.
Some pose eagerly at the windowsill
Wink at me, smile
Their make-up applied- layers thick
But to me, it’s ugly, their disguise…
There is a signpost on my door
Please stop, no more war
A peace sign of sorts
It is ignored by politicians
But while I point at them…
What about the inner wars?
Oh how pale some thoughts become
Appalled by disbelief
they keep knocking on the hard-wood-door
Taboo, taboo, taboo!!
my sensor thinks out loud
Pushing the door with all its weight
Untill its silent out…
My sensor should know better….
Truth has an iron fist
and an endless breath at that,
so that when my last breath comes
it will simply open up the door
" hoorah, you finally gave in
Don't you worry love..."
and kiss my sensor on its head
Hopefully a little sooner
will it be a party here
where every thought is welcome
and I rid myself of fear
no more persecutions
I can just be me, me, me
with my ever-always-changing
kaleidoscopic identity

© Emmy van Swaaij

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