donderdag 1 december 2016

Do, did and never done

My fingertips swipe the pages
like the needle of a record player,
dusting off your pinched-in words
A heart can see, like my fingers do
as they walk these pages to decipher
that, what-used-to-be
These lectures,
I could copy them
change a few names here and there
B’nai Brith, Frauenclub,
other things will stay the same
the cropped-up-worry,
angst, dispair
International politics, it twist and turns you see…
We are skipping, like a broken record
How much you’ve tried,
how much we try
to lighten up!
As my fingers touch the margins
of a life that ceased to be
I can’t help but wonder
Are we matching patterns in a larger tapestry?
I will keep writing,
we always do,
and clearly
are never,

© Emmy van Swaaij

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